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We spend ⅓ of our lives face first in our bedding, and the fabric we sleep on affects the look and feel of our skin and hair. Even high priced, high thread count cotton isn’t kind to skin and hair while we sleep.

Engineer and skin care enthusiast Allison Howard invented a new fabric to solve the problem of common bedding sabotaging the natural beauty and health of our skin and hair. Because our bedding shouldn’t age us - it should restore us.

Cotton absorbs and holds onto moisture. Not only does that make working out in cotton uncomfortable, damp fabric sticks and pulls on delicate skin and hair. Meanwhile, newer performance fabrics suck valuable, natural moisture away, leaving skin and hair dry and dehydrated.

Nollapelli’s unique fiber combination and dual-faced construction brings together the best of nature and science in your sleep environment so you can get the beauty rest you deserve. With a patent-pending fabric that is smoother and stays drier than cotton, you can put sleep lines and frizzy hair to bed.

Nollapelli’s patent-pending fabric is also cooler to the touch and two times more breathable than cotton- perfect for hot mamas, sweaty daddies and the best night’s sleep!

It’s time for bedding that loves you (and everyone in your bed) all night long.

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